Sunday, November 16, 2008

flux proposal

For this particular body of work, Masha Badinter and Sarah Quick are confronting the ideas of voyeurism and surveillance through the remodeling and re-appropriation of the photographic image. We would like to give viewers the chance to experience these images, vicariously as the voyuers, in a gallery setting without the discomfort or fear with which these roles are usually associated with.  This theme is inspired by the connection between personal information and images in terms of their availability and accessibility. This connection is based on the paradox of privacy and on the web versus in real life. There is something very peculiar about not only the amount of information one is willing to display on the internet, but even more so, how much advantage another will take of it. Furthermore we have chosen to apply the boundless
Sarah Quick

perhaps web based communites, and the way people function within them are similar to the Because people not only put their own lives up on the internet but look at others, everyone has become a sort of voyeur. at the same time there are these constant lease for personal privacy against the government so its a real dichotomy. The  blahblahblah

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