Tuesday, February 17, 2009

non-existing conditions

Imagine if myspace (or your space) was an actual, physical space. I suppose it wouldnt be free, but lets think hypothetically. It would be in a warehouse somewhere, maybe in kensington, or maybe even in space- on the astral plane. You would have to walk up roughly 6 flights of stairs and then you would open the door and turn on large industrial florescent lights- there would probably be really high cielings as well as exposed piping. And then there would be these larger than life, glowing photographs of yourself (like light boxes) and they would maybe even have captions under them ( florescent signs). You would even have to dust them off every now and then. The bizzare part is that you would know that even when you left to go do whatever it is you do in life, that they would still be existing, taking up 24/7 space in a dark room because you cant always keep the lights on because it costs too much.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

window 1

projection, flickering image, 28x24" window frame with broken glass, backlit paper, 2008

window 2