Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I built this model of some rooms and a closet out of foam. Its roughly 25 inches long and 5 inches wide. Used two tungsten light fixtures. that is a photo of the structure

Monday, April 6, 2009

lil berlin throwdown

inspired by Hans-Ulrich Obrist's online exhibition, "do it" and the notion of interpretation as an artistic principle,  Little Berlin invites you to contribute a set of instructions for an installation/performance/ work of art to be interpreted and carried out by another. Feel free personalize your instructions according to the aesthetic nature and/philosophies of your own work. The ideas behind this experiment are to observe the effects of translation on artwork, topush the boudaries of traditional art-making and exhibiting, and of course to make cool shit! 

All chosen instructions will be displayed with their corresponding outcome.
The instruction maker as well as the instruction carry-outer-er will be given credit. 
All instructions recieved will be published and displayed at Little Berlin (dates of exhibition)

The following is the information needed along with the instructions:
name, birthday and location of the artist
name of the work

the instructions can be written in whatever format the artist sees fit, they could be numbered, written bullet points, written in a paragraph, essay format, poem, or just a few simple sentances however, do keep in mind that the instructions may be actually carried out so please consider the safety and integrity of the person who will recieve your instructions. compile the instructions with the proper level of specificity or ambiguity according to your own desired outcome of the work. Feel free to include images, drawings,  sketches, or even materials to your contribution.