Wednesday, November 18, 2009

on retrsospect

Seing things in retrospect is a very intersting concept to me. The way we REALLY realize things is always after the fact.

Ive been having these conversations with people about "home*." When I say the word "home" it seems like we all think of a place where we are not currently living. Its not to say that we want to be living there now, because it's usually the place where we grew up, where our parents live or once lived. "Home" is a place that is strongly connected to, or represented by a feeling. That feeling comes from a memory. "Home" is something we remember; we identify it with something in our history rather than something in our present. But when we were there (all those years ago) it wasnt really that important.

** when I say the word home i dont mean it like "i gotta get home before it starts raining" or Shit, I left my tazer gun at home"

Another interesting place for retrospect is in realizing history. When we talk about historical events that happened a very long time ago- the stories of them are a lot more concrete. "This president was bad, This war happened for this and that reason, Everybody all felt this certain way during this certain time period." But when we talk about current events -the things that are happening in our lifetime, the explanations become vague, there is no general consesus that can be printed in textbooks.  Ex. The war in Iraq, whats happening In Israel, the enviroment and what could be/should be done. 

This may be the very thing that separates us from 'god,' the ultimate tragedy of humanity - always realizings things too late. This is what makes us human again and again - the fact that we will be forever learning from our own mistakes. 

Wondering if my wonderment makes sense to others...

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