Thursday, February 14, 2008

View Camera Plan

I have divided my learning of the View Camera into 3 stages.

Stage One: Orthocromatic
First i will be using 5x7 Orthocromatic Lith Film, which is a film used for black and white photos and easier to develop in the dark room due to the fact that it is not sensitive to the spectrum of red-orange lights, so I can just take it out of the camera and develop it in the dark room with the amber-colored safe light.

Stage Two: Panochromatic
After the Orthocromatic film, i will move on to Panochromatic film, a black and white film that is sensative to all colors of light, thus craeting a photo with more detail, but more difficult to develop in the darkroom. I will be using a special tank that will hold the sheet film and protect it from the safe light.

Stage Three: COLOR!
This is the most exciting stage. I will be using color film in the view camera. Im not sure which kind yet. I am thinking about investing in some Poloroid 55 film. whopety doo dah!

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Nick D said...

Wow thats a nice tip.